передовые технологии подготовки и очистки воды в промышленности и энергетике


The limited liability company “Techenergochim” is an engineering company founded in 1995 by the group of the highly qualified engineers, specialists in the sphere of the water treatment.
Today the company “Techenergochim” has its own production facilities to produce the water treatment equipment and chemical reagents for the water treatment.

The quality management system of the company “Techenergochim” is certified by the Russian Register (the city of Saint Petersburg) and by the international certification organization IQNET for the conformity to the international standard ISO 9001-2008.

We offer the full-scale approach to the solution of the production problems:
  • The development of the project documentation;
  • The production of the water treatment and capacitive equipment;
  • The mounting of the equipment;
  • The automation of the technological processes;
  • The start-up and commissioning works;
  • The personnel training with the presentation of all the necessary working documents.
The limited liability company “Techenergochim” produces the following materials and equipment:
  • The water treatment equipment (the ion-ex, mechanical, sorption filters, the ion-ex trap filters);
  • The drainage distributive devices and filtering elements made of the stainless steel and polymer materials;
  • The reagents for the chemical water treatment of the trademark “PuroTech” (the corrosion and scale inhibitors, microbiocides) for the steam and hot-water boilers, heating systems, condensate return systems, cooling circulating systems, chemical washing and
    conservation of the boiler equipment.
The limited liability company “Techenergochim” performs the following works:
  • The development, construction, reconstruction, setting-up of the water treatment systems of different complexity;
  • The selection of the technology and supply of the equipment for the sewage treatment;
  • The reconstruction of the existing water treatment plants with the use of the “compressed layer” technology, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration;
  • The repair, mounting and production of the dust and gas purification equipment and metal constructions;
  • The modernization of the clarifiers;
  • The application of the anticorrosive coating using the materials “Puro Safe”;
  • The automation of the technological processes of the water treatment;
  • The mounting of the filter bindings and other technological equipment using the high quality polymer pipes produced by the leading world manufacturers;
  • The adjustment of the water chemistry of the steam boilers;
  • The conservation and chemical cleaning of the heat and power equipment;
Our company has all the permission documents necessary for the performance of the above-mentioned works.
The limited liability company “Techenergochim” delivers the following products:
  • The ion-ex resins (cation-ex and anion-ex resins) of the company “Purolite” (Great Britain) whose representative we are now;
  • the filtering materials made of the anthracites and fraction sand;
  • the flocculants and coagulants of the trademark “PuroFlock”;
  • the reverse osmosis plants;
  • the self-washing automated mechanical filters for the elimination of the mechanical impurities the water and elimination of the sludge the technological solutions with the capacity of 10-10000 m3/h;
  • the special-purpose equipment for the sewage treatment.
The water treatment technologies developed by our company have proven themselves as good technologies. They are widely used on many enterprises of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, for example in the energy generating companies “Dneproenergo”,
“Donbassenergo”, “Tsentrenergo”, the nuclear power station Zaporozhskaya, the heat power plant Shahtinskaya, the heat power plant Kishinyovskaya, the metallurgical complex Magnitogorsky, the metallurgical complex “Azovstal”, the metallurgical factory Belorussky,
the enterprise “Zaporozhstal”, the association Severodonetskoye “Azot”, the factory Odessky priportoviy and others.
The rich experience and use of the leading technologies allow the specialists of our company to solve any problem on the high technological level and on a timely basis.

We will be glad to see you among our Clients!