Anticorrosion protection of the equipment

The company Techenergochim offers the modern and very reliable solutions for the anticorrosion protection of the steel and reinforced concrete structures and facilities:
  • the equipment of the water treatment system of the ion-ex filters, neutralization tanks, softened water tanks, reinforced concrete tanks and others.
  • heat-ex equipment (heat-exrs, condensers, cooling towers);
  • internal and external surfaces of the metal tanks for the storage of the oil and oil products;
  • internal and external surfaces of the tanks for the storage and transportation of the potable and technical water;
  • internal surfaces of the tanks for the storage of acids and alkalis;
  • internal surfaces of the formed parts and pipeline units.
The specialists of the company Techenergochim have developed the concept of the multilayer polymer-elastomeric coatings Puro Safe for which the technical specifications (TS) (TS U 25. 1-22161169-006:2008 The liquid rubberized material of the trademark Puro Safe T and TS U 24.3-22161169-007:2008 The anticorrosion enamels of the trademark Puro Safe PL were developed. .


The above-mentioned coatings have the high operating characteristics: the increased adhesion resistance; high stability to the acid-base media (including the media of the organic origin); high elasticity and mechanical resistance. After the complete polymerization the coatings are environmentally friendly..

The coatings of the trademark Puro Safe are characterized by the high electrically insulating features, increased resistance in the aggressive media of the chemical, galvanic, oil-refining enterprises, production of toxic chemicals, mineral fertilizers; they can stand the temperature fluctuations from - 40 ˚ up to + 130 ˚, the long-term influence of the oil, benzine, oils, potassic and mineral fertilizers, sea and fresh water, solutions of acids, alkalies and detergents, periodic influence of the strong water vapour.

The coating is a continuous film created with the help of the several functionally different layers using the method of the successive application in a strictly defined sequence with the specified intervals. The coatings are applied on the protected surface of any shape and angle of flexure treated by the abrasive and jet method using the updated equipment produced by the company Gra (USA). The coatings are characterized by the high level of maintainability.


Depending on the conditions of use and the environment the total thickness of the coating can vary from 0,5 to 1,5 mm and the quantity of the applied layers can be from 6 to 18. The lifetime of the coatings is 10 years. The high chemical resistance to the most common acids and to the pressure fluctuations and abrasion wear allow to get the coatings for the water treatment equipment with the lifetime of more than 10 years. The high level of adhesion to different bases and smart structure of the coatings Puro Safe will allow to solve the problems of the anti-corrosion protection.