передовые технологии подготовки и очистки воды в промышленности и энергетике

Control and measuring instruments and automatic equipment

The automation of the technological process helps to optimize the technological processes, to decrease the labor costs for the plant maintenance and to ensure the decrease of the net cost of the products. The experience of the development and use of the automated systems shows that the optimal solution of the automation questions can be found only in case of the reasonable ratio between the automation level and perfection of the technological equipment and automation means. The scope of activity of the department ACS (Automatic Control Systems) of the company УTechenergochimФ is the complex automation of the production in the different branches of industry. The complex automation includes the following: :
  • preproject research of the automation objects of the enterprises;
  • development of the Technical Task;
  • issue of the project-technical documentation for the cabinets of complex automation (CCA);
  • distant and visiting consultations.
  • testings of the system before the shipment to the Customer;
  • delivery, mounting and installation of the equipment;
  • production of the cabinets, baffle-plates and control panels;
  • algorythmic support and software;
  • start-up and commissioning works;
  • development of the operating instructions.
  • development of the instructions for the operative technologist and maintenance personnel of ACS;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • training of the employees of the operations department
системы автоматизации 
For the development of the automation systems we use the products and components both of the world-famous companies and of the national companies, ensuring the best ratio of the price and quality.

The automation of the technological process The automation of the technological process