передовые технологии подготовки и очистки воды в промышленности и энергетике

Pumping and dosing equipment

The LLC «Techenergochim» performs the engineering selection and sale of the high-quality pumping and dosing equipment of the leading producing companies.

The products for the water:
  • Multi-level impeller pumps;
  • Impeller pumps of the «in-line»type;
  • Single-block impeller pumps;
  • Semisubmergible pumps;
  • Submergible pumps;
  • Pumps for the sewage pumping;
  • Self-priming pumps and others.
 Pumping and dosing equipment
The products made of the thermoplastic for the aggressive liquids:
  • Single-block pumps with the magnetic coupling;
  • Horizontal impeller pumps;
  • Vertical impeller pumps;
  • Self-priming pumps;
  • Х jet pumps (ejectors) and others.
 Pumping and dosing equipment
Pumping and dosing equipment “Seybert+Rahier GMBH” (Germany) – in Ukraine, the producer of the high-quality equipment for the preparation and dosing of the liquids.

The dosing equipment
  • The plants for the reagent dosing;
  • The plants for the preparation of solutions of polyelectrolytes (flocculants);
  • Plunger-type dosing pumps;
  • Membrane dosing pumps;
  • Electromagnetic dosing pumps;
  • Fittings.
 Pumping and dosing equipment

We offer the appropriate accessories for our products which ensure their flexible, convenient and safe use in the different technological schemes.

 Pumping and dosing equipment  Pumping and dosing equipment  Pumping and dosing equipment

The technological and engineering solutions of our company are the guarantee of the safe and successful operation of your production facilities.