Reagents for treatment of industrial waters

Coagulants and flocculants

Recently to improve the technological processes and the quality of the treated water during the first stage of treatment of the influent water and sewage the additional reagents are added: coagulants and flocculants.

Coagulants and flocculantsThe coagulants – are substances ensuring the agglutination of the small particles of the dispersing systems to form the bigger particles influenced by the adhesion power. The coagulants are used to decrease the oxidation susceptibility of the treated water, the content of the suspended solids, the total alkalinity, and also to improve the main technological processes of the water treatment taking place in the clarifiers and treatment facilities.

The flocculants –are substances accelerating the adhesion of the aggregatively unstable particles in the treated water thereby intensifying the process of the flocks formation and increasing their size. The injection of the flocculant into the treated water allows to improve the process of the water clarification and the actual output of the clarifiers, the quality of the treated water according to the several controlled indicators. For example, the total alkalinity decreases (by 55 70 %), the content of the total iron decreases significantly (up to 30 55 %), and the content of the suspended solids decreases by 3-5 times.

The generally accepted practice during the development of the application technology of the coagulant and flocculant is the performance of the laboratory evaluation tests at the first stage. Usually it helps to determine the most suitable type of the treatment and gives some information about the possible improvement of the treatment process.

To get the complete evaluation of the advantages of the coagulants and flocculants use in the systems of the water clarification it is necessary to carry out the industrial and semi-industrial trials. The trials are carried out to determine the treatment parameters, the dosage of the injected reagent and the points of injection.

The company Techenergochim supplies the coagulants and flocculants of the trademark PuroFlock according to the technical specifications TS U 24.6-22161169-005:2007 The synthetic flocculants of the trademark PuroFlock which have approved themselves in the Ukrainian market. The specialists of our company will carry out the laboratory tests and correct selection of the suitable reagent taking into account all the technological characteristics of your enterprise.

Coagulants and flocculants

The reagents for the boiler water treatment

The use of the boiler equipment is almost always connected with the different problems causing the adverse consequences: the scale formation on the heat-exchange surfaces, corrosion of the structural materials, pipelines of the steam and condensate circuit. The use of the reagents offered by us helps to solve the above-mentioned problems.

This group includes the following:
  • Complex corrosion and scale inhibitors;
  • Deoxidizing agents;
  • Corrosion inhibitors for the pipes of the steam and condensate circuit;
  • Washing reagents;
  • Reagents for the conservation of the heat and power equipment;

Reagents for the treatment of the circulating cooling systems.

The reagents for the water treatment The reagents for the water treatment of this group help to solve the problems arising inevitably during the operation of almost any circulating system the equipment corrosion, scale formation both on the heat exchange surfaces and in the pipelines, the biological fouling of the system. The above-mentioned problems are interrelated and it is necessary to choose the complex approach to solve them. You can have such an approach with our reagents.

The main types of the reagents for the treatment of the circulating systems: :
  • Complex corrosion and scale inhibitors for the open and closed systems;
  • Biocides;
  • Washing reagents.
The reagents of the above-mentioned group contain in a certain proportion the phosphates, phosphonates, phosphoncarboxylates, silicates, dispersants, complexing agents and other ing components. The reagents prevent the corrosion of the equipment, scale formation, help to destroy the existing scale gradually eliminating the hard deposits from the system. The wide range of the offered reagents gives the possibility to achieve the optimum effect for each separate system. All the reagents are compatible with any biocide treatment program including the chlorination and treatment with the bromo-organic biocides or copper salts. The working dosages of the reagents are chosen according to the chemical composition of the water (or by test) and can vary from 30 to 120 gr/m3. The working temperature at which the reagents are effective is up to 90 .

The biological fouling is rather often neglected during the use of the circulating systems. Meanwhile, the excessive growth of the microorganisms worsens the situation and it is often the main reason of the scale formation on the surfaces of the heat exchangers, increased corrosion of the construction materials of the equipment. All the offered biocides in their working concentrations are not toxic for the human beings and animals, they have a short decomposition period.

Reagents for the reverse osmosis plants.

  The reverse osmosis membranes are very sensitive to the fouling of any type. The efficiency of the membranes decreases quickly in case of the appearance on their surface of the scale of the slightly soluble hardness salts, biofilm formation related with the microorganisms growth. Taking into account the high price of such membranes we cant ignore the above-mentioned problems. The use of the reagents PuroTech will allow to increase the working time of the reverse osmosis plants and will ensure their high capacity.

The group of the reagents for the reverse osmosis plants includes the following products:
  • Antiscalants;
  • Biocides;
  • Washing reagents;
  • Reagents for membrane conservation.
The reagent treatment of the industrial water is carried out with the help of the automatic dosing plants ensuring the proportional injection of the reagents and control of results of their use.

The company Techenergochim can supply more than 300 reagents. The wide range of their application allows to find the efficient solution of any problem concerning the chemical water treatment.