Valves, piping and fittings

Stop and control valves PVC pipe system PVDF piping system PP pipe system
Stop and control valves PVC pipe system PVDF piping system PP pipe system

Our company is the authorized regional representative of the high-quality polymer pipeline systems made of PVC, PVDF, PP, PE by the producers of Austria and Italy.

The polymer pipeline systems of a new generation are the ideal solution of the native to the metal pipelines. During their use the metal pipelines are subject to the strong corrosion because of the increased humidity, high temperature, aggressive media. They need the great expenses for the isolation or even replacement.

Currently more attention is paid to the production of the polymer materials. The most widely-spread materials are the following: polyvinylchloride, polyvinylidenfluoride, polypropylene and polyethylene which have some valuable characteristics as the low density, high chemical stability and dielectric indicators that allows to use widely the pipelines and fittings in the industry, oil and gas complex, municipal engineering, first of all in the water purification and water treatment sphere.

LLC «Techenergochim» performs the mounting works of the polymer pipeline systems of any complexity. The specialists of our company have the necessary level of preparation, equipment and sufficient experience in the sphere of the assembly of PVC, PVDF, PP and PE pipelines. They carry out the quick and high-quality assembly of the pipelines.

We guarantee the high quality of the works performed by our specialists.

All the products are manufactured according to the quality control system ISO 9001.

In addition our company delivers the high-quality pipeline fittings and power-operated equipment for the water treatment and other branches of industry produced by the companies VALPRES S.r.l. and VALBIA S.r.l., Italy, and by the other leading world producers.